1952 Jaguar XK120 OTS Roadster

Same Owner Since 1965, Matching #'s, Heritage Trust Certified

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1952 Jaguar XK120 Open Two Seater for Sale in Sonoma California
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1952 Jaguar XK120 OTS for sale in Sonoma California. This originally black roadster was built on June 6, 1952 and distributed by Automotive Hall of Fame inductee, Max Hoffman from his Frank Lloyd Wright designed Jaguar Hoffman Auto Showroom in Manhattan. It has enjoyed the same attentive owner since 1965 who purchased the car in New York and relocated to California in 1970 where both have remained since. The car had 98k original miles in 1965 and has traveled just 71k miles since, most of which were logged prior to it's restoration.

Color was changed from it's original black to Olde English White in the late 80's during it's body-on restoration. At that time the interior was replaced with a correct OEM style leather in the original factory red. The same top, side curtains and tonneau have been with the car since the early 70's and are rarely used and in good condition. The car has never had any rust. A few minor dings from normal usage were addressed at the time of paint but nothing noteworthy. Chrome was re-done as well. Since it's restoration it has been used sparingly, primarily to take to local car shows around the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1970 when performing a valve job, a crack in the head was discovered and the head was replaced with a "B" head (fitted to an XK150 and later the MK2). It is identical to the competition 210hp "C" head however Jaguar found that not polishing the interior improved low speed mixing and lowered the maximum torque to 3000 rpm. This made for fun around town driving because you didn't have to wind it up to make it go. The car starts; runs and drives nicely with smooth idle, plenty of acceleration and great sounding exhaust. It has been lightly yet consistently driven until 2010 when it was put into non-operational status. Since then, it has been maintained and kept ready to drive. At this time these older Pirelli's should probably be replaced due to age and the gas door lock mechanism needs to be replaced. Spax telescoping shocks have been mounted to the rear and the lever shocks are in place yet disconnected. Also, a flex fan from XK's Unlimited was installed to assure it runs cool even on warm days.

VIN: 672345
ENGINE: W5151-8
BODY: F4332

This is a nice opportunity to own a super collectible and appreciating rare classic Jaguar that has been in the same care now for nearly 50 years. Direct your inquiries to Donn Dabney, Owner of Left Coast Classics.

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1952 Jaguar XK120 Roadster for Sale
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