1952 Jaguar XK-120 OTS Open Two Seater

Beautifully Restored, Celebrity Owned

This Jaguar XK is No Longer for Sale
John Lasseter 1952 Jaguar XK120 for Sale

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John Lasseter, two-time Academy award winning film director, animator, screenwriter and producer of Pixar, Walt Disney Animation, and DisneyToon Studio loves cars. So much so that he directed and co-wrote the iconic movies "Cars" and "Cars 2" with its personality-laden, thinking and feeling animated cars one can't help but wonder if it was inspired in part by his stunning 1952 Jaguar XK-120 OTS. Of all the cars he's owned and loved over the years, it's no surprise that this beautiful Jaguar is the car directly referred to on his Wikipedia page as one of his favorites, adding incredible provenance to this already very special, classic and collectible Jaguar.

Purchased while traveling in England, Mr. Lasseter fell in love with this XK120 after finding it freshly restored in 1996. It returned to the United States, it's origin of export and has lived a pampered life with the film mogul here in the California wine country ever since.

Chassis Number 671568 was built on September 17th, 1951. It has been re-finished in classic black with a beautiful, correct red/tan leather interior and a proper black, cloth top. This five-year, comprehensive frame-off restoration was performed between 1990-1995 by Chiltern Classics of Bedford, England.

The numbers matching 3.4 Litre engine, with original matching head, starts and runs flawlessly. The car handles well and drives wonderfully with plenty of power and vigor. The shifting, braking, and suspension all perform as designed to and of course, this cat roars down these California Wine Country roads sounding the perfect note.

The proper and rare two-tone red and tan leather interior is in fabulous condition; invitingly comfortable and soft to the touch. The glass, gauges, door and kick panels, along with the Wilton rugs look superb with little or no wear and perfect, proper fitment. Mr. Lasseter had his own special luggage for the car constructed. These beautiful, custom cases were built in London using original Jaguar patterns and designed to compliment the interior and boot perfectly.

The exterior is a testament to a well-performed, fastidious professional restoration with glossy, smooth paint, laser straight, well-aligned panels. The bright-work still looks great with just a minimal amount of patina one would expect on an older, high-quality restoration. The car is properly stored in a climate controlled environment, tended to as needed, and kept in ready-to-enjoy condition.

In addition to the initial 70+ photos, be sure to see the slideshow area for an exhaustive amount of additional photographs including photographic documentation during the restoration process. There are many documents included with the car including a photo album as well as much history dating back to 1989.

This is a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity to own a beautiful, investment grade Jaguar XK120 with a very unique and special history. Contact Left Coast Classics owner Donn Dabney directly.

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1952 Jaguar XK120 for Sale
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