1926 Mercury Body
Ford Model T Speedster

Super Rare California Car

This Classic Mercury has SOLD
1926 Mercury Body Ford Model T Speedster for Sale

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We have a very rare 1926 Model T Mercury Bodied Speedster for sale. To all of you purists who appreciate the best and rarest of the Model T's, here is a rare, authentic 1926 Model T Mercury Bodied Speedster. This beautifully restored Speedster starts, runs and drives like new! The Mercury body is all stock with the only change being that the fuel tank has been moved to the rear for safety. This is a rare opportunity to own one of the few Mercury bodied Speedsters left in the world.

All Steel Body
Original Running Gear, Rebuilt Motor & Transmission
4-Cylinder Flathead, 20HP Engine with Model A Intake and Exhaust Manifold
Stock Model T Transmission
Distributor Ignition
12 Volt System
Hayes Stainless Spoke Wheels
Ruckstell 2-Speed Rear End
Original Gas Tank moved to rear
Mountain Brakes
Fat Man Steering Wheel

Left Coast Classics
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