2006 Jaguar XJ8L

Black/Black, Navigation, iPod, Bluetooth, Long Wheel Base

This XJ8 Jaguar has SOLD
2006 Jaguar XJ8L for Sale

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Up for sale is my personal vehicle, a 2006 Jaguar XJ8L. I purchased this car in the spring of 2013 with 58k miles in Los Angeles where it was sold new. It now has 116K. I have used it to commute between Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area regularly so most of the miles I've put on the car have been driving back and forth on highway 5.

Extremely reliable car with a mountain of records as well as books. I have the oil change/inspections done every 10k miles at Hornburg Jaguar in Hollywood. Recommendations made by Hornburg are carried out in Sonoma. The car has been very nicely maintained and it's well documented. Recent work includes new brakes (front and rear), new tires all around, suspension bushings, sensors, battery, alternator, oil change, etc. Ford owned Jaguar at the time this car was built so many of the maintenance items and sensors are very reasonable. It does not cost a lot to maintain and is extremely reliable. I just bought a new Cadillac and already have four cars with limited space so I've decided to sell.

This XJ8 was difficult to find, I looked for months for a LWB car in full black with factory navigation. The premium sound system is a fiber-optic system so the expensive Jaguar propitiatory iPod interface has already been installed. The car is loaded to the gills with navigation, Xenon headlights, front and rear parking sensors, hands-free/bluetooth integration, heated front & rear seats, premium sound, ambient lighting and all of the luxurious nice touches you'd expect in a Jaguar. The aluminum body in combination with the efficient V8 provides 30 MPG on the Highway when using cruise control. The trunk is huge! The factory XM Satellite radio is not working but happy to include a new, modern replacement if price expectations are met.

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VIN# SAJWA79B16SH06738

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2006 Jaguar XJ8L for Sale
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