2004 Jaguar XJ8 Sedan

2-Owner, California Car w/37K Miles

This XJ8 Jaguar has Sold
2004 Jaguar XJ8 Sedan for Sale

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2004 Jaguar XJ-8 for sale finished in Slate Mica Gray with a Dove Gray interior. This immaculate California car has only 37k original miles and drives like new. It was factory ordered at British Motor Cars of San Francisco by its first owner who leased the car for 16 months then bought it a little over a year later in 2005. He sold the car in 2006 to an elderly lady in town with just 13,700 miles. She has driven it gently and locally since but is now in her 80's and sold it to me knowing what a Jaguar fan I am. (I own two myself personally otherwise I might just keep it!)

This special car has spent a lifetime indoors in the California Wine Country and is in beautiful condition. The body is straight, no accidents, no dings and totally rust-free along with the undercarriage. It has rarely had passengers so the interior is nearly new. It's been a non-smoker car so it still has the nice Jaguar trademark scent of wood, leather, and wool, all in beautiful condition.

The car starts, runs and drives like new with no leaks or error messages. The suspension and braking are nimble, tight and spot-on. It recently had a full transmission service including pan/seal as well as new harness seal. It shifts perfectly. The oil has been changed regularly throughout its life and new tires were recently installed. It's brand new equivalent costs over $72k (I know, I bought one last April) so this one is quite a value!

We have books and both keys. The Carfax report is spotless. Click here to download. As a 13-year-old car, it is in way above average condition and will not disappoint. Happy to facilitate a 3rd party inspection.

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VIN# SAJWA71C34SG16377

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2004 Jaguar XJ8 Sedan for Sale
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