2001 Qvale Mangusta Automatic

1-Owner, California Car

2001 Qvale Mangusta for Sale

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Nice 2001 Qvale Mangusta for sale by Left Coast Classics. One-owner, California car finished in Giallo Tigre with Tobacco interior and features an ultra rare automatic transmission. Qvale hand built the Mangusta in Modena Italy employing old World Italian craftsmanship. The unique Roto-Top allows for the Mangusta to be enjoyed as a fixed-roof coupe, Targa or Convertible, offering the utmost in comfort for auto enthusiasts of all types. High end materials are found throughout this limited production vehicle. Antera supplied the factory wheels, with a Ford SVT V8 supplying the power. A total of 284 Mangustas were delivered new, making these a true limited production vehicle.

We are offering this Hand Built sports car for $29,500 ONO. Trade-ins gladly considered. Leasing and finance options are available.

Subject to sale at any time. Reasonable offers will be considered. Available only at Left Coast Classics! Direct your inquiries to Donn 844-LEFTCOA (844-533-8262) .....because life's too short to drive the wrong car....

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VIN# ZF4AH01GX1M000262

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2001 Qvale Mangusta for Sale
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  11. 2001-qvale-mangusta-013.jpg
  12. 2001-qvale-mangusta-014.jpg
  13. 2001-qvale-mangusta-015.jpg
  14. 2001-qvale-mangusta-016.jpg
  15. 2001-qvale-mangusta-017.jpg
  16. 2001-qvale-mangusta-018.jpg
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  21. 2001-qvale-mangusta-023.jpg
  22. 2001-qvale-mangusta-024.jpg
  23. 2001-qvale-mangusta-025.jpg
  24. 2001-qvale-mangusta-026.jpg
  25. 2001-qvale-mangusta-027.jpg
  26. 2001-qvale-mangusta-028.jpg
  27. 2001-qvale-mangusta-029.jpg
  28. 2001-qvale-mangusta-030.jpg
  29. 2001-qvale-mangusta-031.jpg
  30. 2001-qvale-mangusta-032.jpg
  31. 2001-qvale-mangusta-033.jpg
  32. 2001-qvale-mangusta-034.jpg
  33. 2001-qvale-mangusta-035.jpg
  34. 2001-qvale-mangusta-036.jpg
  35. 2001-qvale-mangusta-037.jpg
  36. 2001-qvale-mangusta-038.jpg
  37. 2001-qvale-mangusta-039.jpg
  38. 2001-qvale-mangusta-040.jpg
  39. 2001-qvale-mangusta-041.jpg
  40. 2001-qvale-mangusta-042.jpg
  41. 2001-qvale-mangusta-043.jpg
  42. 2001-qvale-mangusta-044.jpg
  43. 2001-qvale-mangusta-045.jpg
  44. 2001-qvale-mangusta-046.jpg
  45. 2001-qvale-mangusta-047.jpg
  46. 2001-qvale-mangusta-048.jpg
  47. 2001-qvale-mangusta-049.jpg
  48. 2001-qvale-mangusta-050.jpg
  49. 2001-qvale-mangusta-051.jpg
  50. 2001-qvale-mangusta-052.jpg
  51. 2001-qvale-mangusta-053.jpg
  52. 2001-qvale-mangusta-054.jpg
  53. 2001-qvale-mangusta-055.jpg
  54. 2001-qvale-mangusta-056.jpg
  55. 2001-qvale-mangusta-057.jpg
  56. 2001-qvale-mangusta-058.jpg


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