1995 Porsche 911/993 C4 6-Speed Carrera Coupe

California Car 56k Miles

This mighty cool 993 Porsche has Sold
1995 Porsche 993 Carrera for Sale

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1995 Porsche 911/993 C4 Coupe, California Car for sale with 56,320 original miles. Sold new at Sonnen Motors in Marin County, California in June of 1995 with a $70,700 window sticker. Beautiful car finished in Polar Silver over Classic Grey. Equipped with M030 Sport Chassis option making the suspension 10MM lower and stiffer providing increased stability and sportier handling. This car is in beautiful condition all around and looks to have no needs. Very clean and tidy, everything works, immaculate through & through.

The engine runs smoothly with excellent power. Seller stated that the clutch was replaced less than 2,000 miles ago by the previous seller so shifting is excellent and feels new. The car has a newer set of New BF Goodrich 255/40ZR17's at the rear and 215/45ZR17's up-front. The rims are in very nice shape as well. The undercarriage is immaculate. We removed the plastic cover under the engine to reveal how dry and clean the motor is with just the most minor seepage at the cam housing which is barely detectable. We were also told that the car had it's major service at 55k by its previous seller in 2013. This looks to be the case based on the Carfax report as well as the results of our Porsche Specialists Pre-Sale Report (included) where he notes that the engine appeared to be out of the car recently. We will attempt to get the authorization to procure these other service records and if successful will include with the car. Also, Battery was replaced under 1k miles ago along with a complete brake job all around with sensors, pads, rotors, etc.

Hood & F/L Fender respray. Excellent work/match. Do not know nature of the damage, but have been deep under the car and into the front trunk area and see no sign of previous damage. Photos of all of these areas are available. Whatever occurred appears to have been minor and there is no reference on Carfax.

This is an extremely nice car all around, drives and functions as designed and looks fantastic. It includes books, two keys and two remotes, factory window sticker and several repair orders.

To see the records we have, click here.
For the Carfax report, click here.
For the Pre-Sale Inspection just completed, click here.
For a high resoltuion look at the window sticker, click here.

This 993 C4 should make any Porsche enthusiast thrilled to own. It is a beautiful, California car with low mileage and appears to have been well loved.

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VIN# WP0AA2994SS323697

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1995 Porsche 993 Carrera for Sale
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