1991 Ferrari Testarossa

45k Original Miles, Argento Metallic/Nero

This Rare Testarossa has SOLD
1991 Ferrari Testarossa for Sale

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1991 Ferrari Testarossa finished in Argento Metallic with a restored Nero interior with silver stitching. Purchased on May 24th of 1991 at Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo in Portland, Oregon. This west coast car originated in Oregon and has been in California most it's life. This Testarossa currently has just over 46k original miles.

The body is razor straight and the paint is as brilliant as new. The glass and trim are in very good condition and show extremely well.

The interior was freshened up and looks immaculate. It has an upgraded stereo that sounds great. The seating, panels and rugs are all in very nice condition and very comfortable.

The last major engine-out belt service was completed at Black Horse Motor Sports 3,000 miles ago in 2013, and the last minor service in 2016. New catalytic converters installed just 1,700 miles ago. The car has some needs and has been priced accordingly. Currently the glove box release is not working and the passenger window is slow when putting up. Dome and map lights are inoperable. The belt driving the emissions air pump belt has been removed. Previous seller disclosed that there was minor damage to the front, right fender in 2007, and all structural components and suspension appear to be original.

The car has a new, upgraded fuse panel from Scuderia Rampante installed and the Ferrari seat belt campaign was recently performed by Ferrari of San Francisco. New tires will be installed before delivery.

Overall, this Testarossa is a very nice car and an opportunity to get into a classic and very collectible Testarossa for well under the mid six figures that a perfect car now commands. It was recently driven on a long tour and is mechanically reliable. Drive it and enjoy! As the rising tide lifts all boats, this one will rise right along with the rest.

Inspections welcomed and encouraged.

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VIN# ZFFSG17A4M0087790

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1991 Ferrari Testarossa for Sale
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