1990 VW Westfalia GL Camper

NEW ENG, NEW TRANS, A/C, PW - Super Reliable California Bus

This VW Camper Van has SOLD
1990 VW Westy GL for Sale

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Super clean and reliable 1990 Volkswagen Westfalia Camper for sale. California Bus since new. This immaculate 3-owner Westy was purchased new at Isenberg Motors, Inc. on August 30th, 1990 in Merced, California. This well equipped bus includes the rare power window option and factory air-conditioning. It's first owner drove approximately 20k miles and sold to the second owner in 1995 who owned it until 2013. The bus has been well cared for over it's life and it shows. The camper portion of the van looks to be barely used. A brand new, factory VW/Audi replacement engine was installed about 12,000 miles ago and runs perfectly. The transmission was rebuilt last year and shifts like new. At that time the brakes and tires and wheels were all replaced along with the radiator. The factory air-conditioning blows ice cold and the bus starts; runs, drives and functions beautifully.

An upgraded, modern stereo system has been installed and sounds terrific. It also just had a Custom Class 3 Hitch w/1,000 LB towing capacity so if you wanted to pull a light trailer or hook up a swing-away bike rack you could. The stove and water system work as intended so this water-cooled Westy is ready to hit the road! It comes with spotless Carfax and Autocheck reports and passes the stringent California smog check every time without issue.

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VIN# WV2ZB0255LH087203

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1990 VW Westy GL for Sale
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