1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II

Award Winning, Low Mile, Documented

This Rolls Silver Spur has SOLD
1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II for Sale

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Stunning Silver Spur II for sale finished in it's beautiful, original Georgian Silver metallic paint with Silverstone grey leather interior. Sold new at RAB Motors in San Francisco with a retail price of $154,852. This immaculate and heavily documented Silver Spur II has the pedigree the most fastidious collectors desire. Awarded Best in Class - Ironstone Concours d'Elegance 2014 with 397 of 400 points. Awarded Best Maintained Post-War by the Northern California chapter of the RROC. With just two California owners since new, this pampered and spoiled Spur has been preserved, maintained and loved since new.

Provenance and pedigree is everything in the world of Rolls Royce so you will be happy to know that included in the mass array of documents are the original window sticker, dealer sales documents which include the original Report of Sale issued, Purchase Order, factory Key Code Card along with with both sets of keys, books, tools and an exhaustive and comprehensive set of maintenance records which can be downloaded as a PDF file by clicking here. If you wish to download copies of the original purchase documents as well as the window sticker, click here.

By 1990 Rolls Royce switched over to Bosch electronics creating the most reliable version ever of this mark. The car starts; runs and drives beautifully with no issues. The 6.75L V8 motor is smooth as silk along with the shifting, suspension and braking. A new set of accumulators were just installed to insure continued reliable and responsive braking. The air conditioning has been converted to the modern R134a and blows ice cold.

This California car has never been smoked in or even driven in the rain. It has been lightly yet regularly enjoyed and always kept up to date on maintenance, this nearly flawless PMC is truly the best example you will find. Wood door caps, dash, picnic tables, leather seating, headliner and wool carpets are as new with no cracks or discoloration. Picnic Tables are Burled Walnut, Reclining Rear Seats, Wilton Wool Carpets and Footrests, Cassette Player, Leather Seats and the Everflex roof is immaculate. Correct whitewall tires including the spare were recently installed. This car is absolutely complete and original, down to the mobile phone and even the remote control for the stereo.

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1990 Rolls Royce Silver Spur II for Sale
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