1989 Avanti II-R Convertible

Black over Tan - California Car Since New

This Neo-Classic Avanti has SOLD
1989 Avanti Convertible for Sale

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1989 Avanti Convertible for sale. Southern California two-owner car until our friend here in Sonoma bought it in the spring of 2014. The previous owner in Southern California bought it when it was four years old from an old man that purchased it new. At that time the car had just 20k miles. The second owner used it as his daily driver in Los Angeles for many years. This Cafaro era Avanti is in excellent mechanical shape and has always been well looked after, looks nice and is fantastic to drive.

The car starts; runs and drives beautifully with a great deal of documented work done by the previous and most current owners. The engine is powerful and quiet with no smoke or noises. The shifting is spot on and the suspension, brakes and handling all feel great. It has a new set of American rims wrapped in brand new Michelin 215/65R 15's all around. The original factory wheels are included with the car. We are told that the engine was rebuilt, I don't know when and we do not have a receipt for this since my friend has passed away. However, the car runs so smoothly and beautifully I believe this to be the case. The cooling systems were all rebuilt, all systems have been gone through, good electrical, rebuilt/replaced power window motors and the transmission was either rebuilt or replaced.

The interior is in very good condition with nice leather and wood, good rugs and all working accessories including ice cold air conditioning, lights, gauges, even the clock. Currently the remote, right mirror switch is not operational though the left side is. The seating is very comfortable and the brand new cloth power convertible top is in good working order.

The car had a front accident under the last ownership in around 2007. I spoke to the previous owner who said he bumped a car in front of him at a stop light. It shattered the nose but rather than repairing it, he sourced the Avanti guy that had the blueprint/molds and had a new front clip made so there wouldn't be any patchwork. At that time the car was repainted. The paint is shiny and nice though as to be expected after nearly ten years, there are some flaws around the car as the photos and video will show. All in all this is an excellent driver, not a trailer queen.

The mileage currently showing is 80,231. The odometer has turned once. This cool Avanti comes with books, a good amount of records and a clear, California title.

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VIN# 12AAV2223K1000551

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1989 Avanti Convertible for Sale
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