1987 Jaguar XJ-SC Targa Cabriolet

31,000 Original Miles, All Tops

This Classic Jaguar has SOLD
1987 Jaguar XJ-SC Targa Cabriolet for Sale

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Very nice 1987 Jaguar XJ-SC Cabriolet Targa for sale. Between 1982-1991 there were 73,207 XJS cars built, only 5,013 were XJ-SC models. Just 2,005 of these were built for the US market however most all of them were later converted to RHD by Jaguar and were sold in the UK having never actually been delivered to the USA. I was excited to have the opportunity to buy this one and as a lifelong Jaguar owner/enthusiast, tempted to keep. However, there is a limit to how many I can keep and maintain so here it is.

This particular example is finished in Nimbus White over Isis Blue sold new in 1987 and includes the books and window sticker. It has been a pleasure-only car over its lifespan only averaging about 1,000 miles per year. The car is quite clean as the photos will show with excellent paint, chrome, glass, canvas, and rubber.

It is mechanically sound and wonderful to drive. It starts easily and runs smoothly as it was designed to passing the stringent California smog-check without issue. The braking, suspension, and handling are tight and nimble with the rigidity of the targa configuration giving it much tighter handling than a standard Cabriolet.

The leather, rugs, panels, and gauges are all in very good condition making the car very comfortable and enjoyable to spend time in. All lights, gauges, and switches are in proper working order as well as the air-conditioning that blows ice-cold.

This is a very nice XJ-SC Targa that any Jaguar collector will be proud to own. Clean Carfax available. Contact Left Coast Classics owner, Donn Dabney for more information.

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VIN# SAJNV3847HC138954

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1987 Jaguar XJ-SC Targa Cabriolet for Sale
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  27. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-029.jpg
  28. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-030.jpg
  29. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-031.jpg
  30. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-032.jpg
  31. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-033.jpg
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  33. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-035.jpg
  34. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-036.jpg
  35. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-037.jpg
  36. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-038.jpg
  37. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-039.jpg
  38. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-040.jpg
  39. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-041.jpg
  40. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-042.jpg
  41. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-043.jpg
  42. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-044.jpg
  43. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-045.jpg
  44. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-046.jpg
  45. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-047.jpg
  46. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-048.jpg
  47. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-049.jpg
  48. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-050.jpg
  49. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-051.jpg
  50. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-052.jpg
  51. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-053.jpg
  52. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-054.jpg
  53. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-055.jpg
  54. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-056.jpg
  55. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-057.jpg
  56. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-058.jpg
  57. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-059.jpg
  58. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-060.jpg
  59. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-061.jpg
  60. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-062.jpg
  61. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-063.jpg
  62. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-064.jpg
  63. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-065.jpg
  64. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-066.jpg
  65. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-067.jpg
  66. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-068.jpg
  67. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-069.jpg
  68. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-070.jpg
  69. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-071.jpg
  70. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-072.jpg
  71. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-073.jpg
  72. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-074.jpg
  73. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-075.jpg
  74. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-076.jpg
  75. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-077.jpg
  76. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-078.jpg
  77. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-079.jpg
  78. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-080.jpg
  79. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-081.jpg
  80. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-082.jpg
  81. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-083.jpg
  82. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-084.jpg
  83. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-085.jpg
  84. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-086.jpg
  85. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-087.jpg
  86. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-088.jpg
  87. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-089.jpg
  88. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-090.jpg
  89. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-091.jpg
  90. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-092.jpg
  91. 1987-jaguar-xj-sc-targa-093.jpg


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