1987 BMW M6 E24

90K Miles, Very Clean & Original

This Cool M6 BMW has SOLD
1987 BMW M6 for Sale

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Very nice 1987 BMW E24 M6 finished in Zinnoberrot with Lotusweiss Nappa Highline leather. Included documents show it was purchased new at Dreher-Holloway BMW on March 6th, 1987 for $59,840.

The engine runs strong and smoothly and the shifting is excellent. It has high performance ignition wires and a Power-Flow intake kit installed. The handling is incredible with the suspension recently upgraded with a front coil-over kit with 8" long x 400lb springs and helper springs installed in the upper perch; front Bilsteins, street adjustable camber plates and rear coil-over hardware with 8" long by 300lb per inch springs. Wheels are 18" Kinesis Supercups wrapped nearly new in Falken tires, 275/35ZR-18's on the rear and 255/35ZR-18's upfront. The original suspension, two springs, 4 BBS wheels and intake are included with the car.

The exterior is in beautiful condition with no rust or signs of damage. Trim, glass and rubber all are in very nice shape, the car has no cosmetic needs. The floors are straight and solid.

The interior is immaculate. The Lotusweiss Nappa Highline leather looks to be original and is as nice as I've ever seen. It's supple and smooth with no shrinkage. The headliner, panels, gauges and all look excellent. Given the vulnerability of these interiors I think it's safe to assume this one has enjoyed a life indoors. The lighting, interior illumination, gauges, radio, accessories, A/C and heater are all in working order. The power headrests are currently inoperable.

When the most current collector purchased in 2015 less than 800 miles ago, he hired recognized appraiser Steve Linden to inspect the car. Steve is author of "Everything You Need to Know About Car Collecting" and has been a guest on Jay Leno's Garage amongst others. I've included a pdf of those inspection results here.

The new owner will receive original purchase documents, stamped warranty book and manuals along with miscellaneous registrations and receipts. Spotless Carfax available here.

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VIN# WBAEE1406H2560190

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1987 BMW M6 for Sale
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