1981 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster

Propane Turbo, 2-Owner California Car

1981 Morgan Roadster for Sale

1981 Morgan Plus 4 Propane Turbo for sale in Sonoma CA. California car with just 22,700 original miles. Purchased new in San Francisco dealer at Pier 33, then sold to it's 2nd owner 23 years ago. Nicely optioned from the factory with wire wheels, aluminum fenders and bonnet and reclining leather bucket seats.

By the mid 1970's more stringent emissions laws threatened the continued importation of Morgans to the US. However, Bill Fink, the owner of Isis Imports in San Francisco, came up with a way to convert the the cars to run on propane so that it could pass the current emission standards. This resulted in the car actually burning cleaner than conventional gasoline engines. Isis Imports also installed a turbocharger. To that end, changing the conversion back to a gasoline powered engine is simple and inexpensive. However, this set up actually provides more power as well as a cleaner burning, less encumbered engine.

Starts; runs and drives well. Quiet, smooth engine, excellent shifting, brakes and suspension. This great driving, fully functional classic Morgan is ready for spring & summer!

This listing will end the moment a reasonable offer is made. Available only at Left Coast Classics! Direct your inquiries to Donn 844-LEFTCOA (844-533-8262) .....because life's too short to drive the wrong car....

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VIN# B4874

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1981 Morgan Roadster for Sale
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