1979 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II

Nicely Sorted, Reliable California Car

This Stunning Silver Shadow has Sold
1979 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II for Sale

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1979 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II for sale in Sonoma California. This has been my personal car and I have enjoyed it immensely. Very comfortable with new front leather, beautiful door panels, ice cold air conditioning and a modern stereo system installed where the original 8-track player was originally installed with bluetooth, iPod and external auxiliary input. All systems are in working order including lights, wipers, heating and air, gauges, etc.

The exterior is best described as a "good 10-footer". There are some imperfections and wear in the paint along with a few touched up areas but I seem to be the only one who notices. Nice chrome, stainless trim and glass. Beautiful grille and Spirit of Ecstasy. Immaculate boot area.

Regularly maintained with many items addressed over the last few thousand miles including rebuilt accumulators, starter, alternator, battery, fan clutch, re-charged air conditioning (with R134a conversion) and more. Starts; runs and drives smoothly with plenty of power and passes the stringent California smog check without issue. My mechanic says that the car will eventually need the rear shocks replaced but at the moment they seem fine.

I am the owner of Left Coast Classics and this is my personal car. I can be reached directly.

Thank you for visiting!

VIN# SRK36235

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1979 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II for Sale
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