1979 Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC, C107

Same Owner 35 Years. California Car, 77K Original Miles, Immaculate.

This Classic Benz has SOLD
1979 Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC for Sale

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Stunning and fastidiously maintained 1979 Mercedes-Benz 450SLC C107 for sale. This California car has been with the same owner for 35 years and sports only 77,000 original miles since new. This is by far the nicest and most well-maintained 450 I have ever had in my inventory, period.

The owner of this SLC owned a high-end body shop in San Francisco at the time he acquired it. It had been in a moderate front-end collision by it's original owner just over the Golden Gate bridge in Tiburon. They opted for a brand new replacement forcing the insurance company to issue a salvage title. Our client purchased the car for his personal use and repaired it to the highest standards using all brand new factory parts. The car looks amazing as if nothing ever happened. He had desired a black SLC so a complete and total color change was properly done to black.

I am personally very experienced in Mercedes-Benz cars of this era and can say the paint finish is just as nice if not better than factory. The alignments are as factory and the car is just stunning from every angle. This was first class workmanship and it has stood the test of time after 34 years. It lives between his new Lamborghini Gallardo and stunning self-built '32 Ford Deuce in an immaculate, well insulated garage here in the wine country. He fastidiously maintains his cars to the highest levels and this special Mercedes is no exception.

The mechanicals are in beautiful working order. It starts; runs and drives quietly with no issues. It does not smoke or make any noises and passes the stringent California smog testing without issue. The shifting is exact and the brakes, suspension, steering are all nimble and tight. All of the lighting and accessories work exactly as designed including power sunroof, wiper system, power windows, clock, etc. The originally problematic heating/AC climate system was permanently resolved by using the most desirable and reliable ACCII upgrade kit so this will never be an issue. The air-conditioning blows ice cold and the car even still sports it's original Becker-Europa radio which works beautifully.

This is a better-than-most SLC and will make you proud to own. Owners manuals and service books included. Inspections are welcomed.

Thank you for visiting!

VIN# 10702412023726

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1979 Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC for Sale
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