1978 Chevrolet Corvette T-Top Silver Anniversary Mild Custom

4-Wheel Discs, Cold Air, 2K Sound System, Greenwood Accessories

This Cool '78 Corvette has SOLD
1978 Chevy Corvette Stingray for Sale

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Super nice Corvette Stingray T-Top Mild Custom for sale at Left Coast Classics of Sonoma. Without a doubt, this one is a 'cut above'. Tastefully built and a beautiful Corvette all the way around. California wine country car that has been locally owned for many years by a fastidious enthusiast who has taken great care of this nice, highly functional and well optioned classic Stingray. Very lightly used, properly garaged in immaculate condition.

Painted a few years ago in factory color I believe it's called Carmine Poly. Beautiful, smooth and shiny paint, nice trim, rubber and glass. Tinted glass, T-Tops, Budnik polished alloy 15 inch rims with raised white letter P265/50R's. Color-keyed Greenwood Spoiler and tail lamps. Car looks quite impressive and has a nice rake and stance.

Starts; runs and drives beautifully and just passed the strict California smog inspection. Crate 350 with just a few thousand miles since installed. Rebuilt transmission, 4-wheel disc brakes, excellent suspension and braking and tires only lightly used. Nice, deep and rich sounding exhaust. Smooth, quiet power steering.

Interior is excellent and very comfortable. Leather custom seats are (in my opinion) much more comfortable than the stock seats and includes removable armrest pad. The wood kit is excellent quality and nicely installed and fitted. Every single option and accessory is in working order including the ice cold air conditioning system, all gauges and switches and of course the mind-blowing sound system which includes an Audiobahn dual sub-woofer system, Kenwood head and Clarion Pro front speakers. Car also has an alarm system with remote door locking.

This is a lot of Corvette and one you can be super proud to own. Let me know if you have any questions or need any more info. Be sure to check out the additional photos and videos. Comes with a clear, California title.

Thank you for visiting!

VIN# 1Z87L8S401214

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1978 Chevy Corvette Stingray for Sale
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