1977 GMC Jimmy High Sierra 4x4 Convertible

1-Family Owned Since New

This Cool Jimmy has SOLD
1977 GMC Jimmy 4x4 for Sale

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We have a very well preserved, 1-family owned 1977 GMC Jimmy 4x4 Convertible for sale. This car was purchased new by the current owner's grandfather and passed onto him in the late 90's. It originated in Arkansas, soon thereafter moved to New Mexico and has now been a California truck for nearly twenty years.

Current miles are 105,943. It just passed the stringent California smog check with no issues. The truck is very original with just one repaint in it's original, factory color, Sunset Orange. The chrome and trim still look nice and the glass is in good condition. The body is very straight with no rust or rot. The floors are solid and straight.

Jimmy's were available with a 350, 400 and a 454 big block. This is a rare variation with a factory installed 400ci V8 as indicated by the third vin character "R". It starts; runs and drives beautifully with no smoke and plenty of power. The suspension and steering feel good and responsive. A brand new dual exhaust system was just installed and it sounds excellent. The motor is quiet and smooth. The shifting is smooth and precise. Currently the A/C blows but appears to need a charge and the clock is inoperable.

The interior, is remarkably well preserved and very comfortable with all original seating, carpet, paneling, bucket seats w/ center console and a nice dash. The truck is very well optioned:

  • Factory A/C
  • 400ci V8 Engine
  • Stock Heads
  • -Carburetor
  • -Electric choke
  • -600 CFM
  • -4-Speed Automatic Transmission
  • -Casting date: 8/31/1976
  • Front and Rear Leaf Spring Suspension
  • Spring Packs
  • 12-Bolt Rear End
  • -Ratio: 3.08:1
  • -Open differential
  • Front axle:
  • -Ratio: 3.06:1
  • Front Lockout Hubs
  • Front Power Disc Brakes
  • Rear Power Drum Brakes
  • Power Steering
  • Newer Battery
  • This is a very honest Jimmy High Sierra. And as the supply of stock, original Blazers and Jimmy's are depleting and with the previous generation hitting new highs in value this is a rare opportunity to find a nice, unmodified, unmolested example that's been in one family from the beginning. If you're a fan of the original, stock GMC Jimmy and Chevrolet Blazer K5 than you'll you'll appreciate this one-family owned truck. Call Donn with questions or to arrange to see. Shipping worldwide, inspections welcomed.

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    VIN# TKR187F527852

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    1977 GMC Jimmy 4x4 for Sale
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