1974 Jaguar XKE E-Type Roadster

55K Original Miles, #'s Matching California Car

This Classic Jaguar has SOLD
1974 Jaguar XKE E-Type Roadster for Sale

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Very attractive Series III V12 eType for sale. This well preserved, numbers matching and still quite original car has been in California since new and used sparingly yet consistently over its gentle life.

The V12 E-Types are without a doubt the smoothest, silkiest, most comfortable of the E-Types. The car starts; runs and drives beautifully with it's big yet quiet and powerful V12 engine running smooth as ever. The shifting is tight and effortless and the suspension and handling make it a pleasure to drive. The car runs cool and operates as intended. The interior appears to be original and in quite nice shape after 43 years. The leather is soft and supple and the original rugs are still intact. Nice door and kick panels, dash, switches and gauges. All of the interior accessories and switches are in good working order, even the clock.

The exterior was repainted a few years back and looks nice and smooth with a good shine. The chrome still shows well as does the glass and trim. The unseemly large bumper over-riders have been removed, yet are included with the car.

We have a good amount of documentation dating back to 1980 where the car originated from in Southern California. Click here to view. It still sports its original California DMV issue license plates.

This is an opportunity to buy a rust-free, California car with matching numbers that is ready to enjoy immediately. Call Donn for more information or to arrange a viewing or inspection.

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VIN# UE1S23613

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1974 Jaguar XKE E-Type Roadster for Sale
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  10. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-012.jpg
  11. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-013.jpg
  12. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-014.jpg
  13. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-015.jpg
  14. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-016.jpg
  15. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-017.jpg
  16. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-018.jpg
  17. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-019.jpg
  18. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-020.jpg
  19. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-021.jpg
  20. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-022.jpg
  21. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-023.jpg
  22. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-024.jpg
  23. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-025.jpg
  24. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-026.jpg
  25. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-027.jpg
  26. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-028.jpg
  27. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-029.jpg
  28. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-030.jpg
  29. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-031.jpg
  30. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-032.jpg
  31. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-033.jpg
  32. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-034.jpg
  33. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-035.jpg
  34. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-036.jpg
  35. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-037.jpg
  36. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-038.jpg
  37. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-039.jpg
  38. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-040.jpg
  39. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-041.jpg
  40. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-042.jpg
  41. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-043.jpg
  42. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-044.jpg
  43. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-045.jpg
  44. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-046.jpg
  45. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-047.jpg
  46. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-048.jpg
  47. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-049.jpg
  48. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-050.jpg
  49. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-051.jpg
  50. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-052.jpg
  51. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-053.jpg
  52. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-054.jpg
  53. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-055.jpg
  54. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-056.jpg
  55. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-057.jpg
  56. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-058.jpg
  57. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-059.jpg
  58. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-060.jpg
  59. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-061.jpg
  60. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-062.jpg
  61. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-063.jpg
  62. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-064.jpg
  63. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-065.jpg
  64. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-066.jpg
  65. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-067.jpg
  66. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-068.jpg
  67. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-069.jpg
  68. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-070.jpg
  69. 1974-jaguar-xke-roadster-071.jpg


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