1973 Triumph TR6 w/Overdrive

Restored California Car

This TR6 Triumph is No Longer for Sale
1973 Triumph TR6 for Sale

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Super clean 1973 Triumph TR3 w/Overdrive for sale. Nicely restored with many great upgrades. The car underwent a restoration in the late 1990's with complete color change to Carmine Red. It was originally light blue, which is difficult to find anywhere. The paint is still in very good condition, holds a rich, deep shine and has only minor chips as expected with use. The driver side foot-well floorboard was replaced at some point, but all other sheet metal appears to be original. Factory red primer on the original floorboards shows light patina, fitting with originality. The trunk floor and spare wheel well free of rust. All metal appears to be solid with no rust-thru.

This TR6 is loaded with many great upgrades such as front and rear suspension modified for improved handling and lowered stance, Performance front coil springs and Koni shocks, rear suspension converted to Konis replacing original lever-style shocks, rear sway-bar, Panasport Racing 8-spoke wheels with wide 215/60R15 Goodyear Eagle GT tires and upgraded Hella H4 headlights with added relays for both high and low beams.

The 6-cylinder engine with dual Stromberg carburetors starts easily with the choke and runs well. It features newer Pertronix ignition, coil, plug wires, and adjusted and balanced carbs. A spin-on oil filter adapter was also added for easier oil changes. The engine does drip a bit of oil, which is not uncommon for these cars. While the car runs nicely, a recent routine compression check revealed 145-145-145-130-125-150. While the engine runs clean and doesn't smoke, the oil needs to be topped off every 500 miles or so.

The black interior in very good condition - seats, carpets, mats, door panels, and rear storage area all look great. A new French Walnut dash from The Roadster Factory was recently installed. Electrics are in good working condition. This includes the overdrive, all gauges, exterior lighting, turn signals, backup light, interior lights, instrument lighting, glove box light, heater/def fan and wipers. The odometer reads 27,900, but actual mileage is unknown. A Pioneer AM/FM/CD/MP3 stereo with removable faceplate and front/rear speakers sound nice.

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Engine # CF9822UE
VIN: CF9497U0
T 9683 CF (Top Tag)
9776 CF (Lower Tag)

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1973 Triumph TR6 for Sale
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