1973 Lotus Elan +2 Coupe

Restored, Lotus Certified

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1973 Lotus Elan Plus for Sale

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Nice, 1973 Lotus Elan +2 for sale in Sonoma California. Car number 72070290N is a fine example. Finished in a 1998 Lotus factory color called Azure Blue Pearl with Black interior and Websto Sunroof. Mechanical details include a rebuilt, big valve spec motor with under 2k miles use since completion, rebuilt carbs, new CV axle conversion, adjustable shocks, bushings, rebuilt brakes and more. We have history tracing this car back four owners, from California where it has resided the last three years, to South Carolina and previously in the Miami area. It looks that under the ownership in Florida the car was treated to extensive restorative work. To view the receipts, click here and download a full pdf. In a previous advertisement from the last owner it was described as having roughly $36k in receipts (though we only have a little under $20k worth of receipts in our possession).

The car starts; runs and drives nicely with plenty of power, smooth shifting and tight suspension and brakes. The exhaust has a nice, throaty growl to it and the handling feels excellent. The paint looks clean yet older with typical imperfections, chips, cracks as to be suspected on a fiberglass body. Many photos here and in the additional slideshow area on our website.

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VIN# 72070290N

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1973 Lotus Elan Plus for Sale
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