1972 Mercury Capri GT

Desirable 2.0L Engine and 4-Speed Transmission

This Cool Mercury GT has SOLD
1972 Ford Capri GT 2000 for Sale

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1972 Ford (Mercury) Capri with the most desirable 2.0, 4-speed setup. Car is original Medium Blue Poly with one repaint. All the stock pieces are there including original radio and map light. Original mileage is purportedly under 70k according to it's last, second owner.

Car starts; runs and drives great with excellent suspension, steering, shifting and braking. The powerful 2.0 liter engine burns clean and doesn't leak. The sport exhaust has a great tone. The motor was rebuilt about 40K miles ago including new clutch and many new upgraded engine parts. This cool Capri rides on restored factory wheels with excellent, newer tires.

This car has never seen any accidents or rust. It was given a 3000 GT appearance upgrade by the first owner. Just completed new exterior paint of the factory color and is clean inside and out, in the trunk and jambs, and under the hood. Has a new headliner, newly upholstered seating, new tachometer and nice chrome and emblems. Still has the rare German plate that were sent with all of these cars to the US.

This is a great car for vintage racing or rallies. This Mercury Capri is truly one of a kind and you'd be hard pressed to ever find a better example.

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1972 Mercury Capri for Sale
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