1971 Volkswagen Type 3 Squareback Wagon

One Owner, 68,000 Original Miles, California Car

This Cool Classic Squareback has SOLD
1971 Volkswagen Squareback for Sale

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Beautiful one owner, documented 1971 Volkswagen Squareback Type III for sale. Aging owner has decided to let his special, pampered and well preserved timepiece go to a new owner that will appreciate it's originality, provenance and incredibly low mileage. This California car has been registered and has lived in San Francisco since it was purchased new on December 13, 1971. It has been well maintained and parked indoors at its San Francisco home until his relocation to the wine country last year.

The interior is nothing short of a time capsule and looks barely used with all of it's original pieces and trim including the un-cracked dash in place. The rugs, door panels, seating, even the drivers side are all in amazing condition. Sitting in the car takes you back to 1971 with the scent that only an original, smoke-free interior could omit! The trunk is absolutely original and immaculate with the spare, liner and rugs all in place.

The engine compartment is clean and beautifully preserved. The car starts: runs and drives as it did new with a nice smooth idle, precision shifting, excellent braking, tight suspension, The overall handling is exact as intended from the factory. The factory service book is stamped showing all services to be performed through 59,000 miles. It was recently serviced locally after much time in storage by our local Volkswagen experts here in Sonoma to make it ready to enjoy for it's new owner.

The exterior is also in beautiful condition with excellent trim, rubber and glass. The car was parked in the close quarters of it's San Francisco subterranean garage over it's lifetime so at some point after acquiring several chips and minor door dings on the drivers side the owner opted to have the left side of the car repainted. Otherwise from what I can see and what I was told, the car has had no accidents. The nose section under the hood is perfect with no repairs or damage, the rockers, floor, quarter panels are all unscathed, a testimony to it's easy, pampered life.

What a great find for any VW enthusiast who loves the Squareback and for the collector with the foresight to appreciate the investment potential of such a low mileage, nicely cared for one-owner rarity such as this.

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VIN# 3612272322

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1971 Volkswagen Squareback for Sale
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