1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia

57,585 Original Miles, Irish Green

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1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia for Sale

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1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia for sale with just 57,585 original miles. Purchased by original owner new in 1971 in Ohio for his wife to drive and by August of 1975 had traveled just over 31k miles before becoming a third car and essentially put into storage. In 2002 the car was given to the daughter who had it repainted from it's original Irish Green to Ravenna Green. She ended up buying a more modern car and returned the car to her parents who then repainted the car back to it's original Irish Green. It was rarely used from that time forward. The car was sold to a collector in California in August of 2008 with just 57,120 original miles as noted on the title. It has traveled less than 500 miles since 2008, approximately 60 miles per year average.

The body is in beautiful condition and the nose has never been hit. There are no welded panels and the repaint back to the original Irish Green was nicely done with many parts removed. The trunk area was never color-changed and still sports it's original factory paint, spare and cardboard insert. Because the rest of the car was so clean I decided to have the engine compartment repainted to freshen it up along with the lower front valance which had some minor dings and scratches. The top appears to be the original from the factory as does all of the glass including the windshield. The trim is in good, original condition. The floors are original and solid as well. The trunk and motor compartments are both immaculate.

The interior looks to be mostly if not completely original. The dash is immaculate and appears to be original along with the wood grain which is in excellent shape. The glove-box is also immaculate and original. The factory headliner and top are completely intact and work flawlessly though there is some discoloration as would be expected after 45 years. All options and accessories and gauges are in working order with exception of the dealer added 8-track stereo which does not turn on.

The car starts; runs and drives well. The shifting, braking and suspension feel tight and responsive. The tires have plenty of tread though they are aged and a set of new tires are recommended before any serious use. Otherwise the car is turn-key and drives out very nicely. Includes book and manuals. Comes with a clear, California title. Great opportunity to own a truly well preserved and cared for low-mileage Karmann Ghia, one of the cleanest I've seen.

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VIN# 1412533223
Engine: AE285053 (1600cc 50bhp DIN, 60HP SAE-gross. USA-only)

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1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia for Sale
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