1970 Mercedes-Benz 280S Sedan

88,000 Original Miles, California Car

This Very Nice Classic Mercedes-Benz 280s has SOLD
1970 Mercedes-Benz 280S for Sale

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Very nice and original 1970 Mercedes 280s for sale. Beautiful Horizonblau with off-white interior. Car has been incredibly well preserved and maintained and has just 88,000 original miles and even sports the original blue California issued license plates!

The car was garaged since new. It was only driven by one person during its first owner ship, 1970-1985. Its second owner kept and used at their summer home in Trinity County, California. The third owner purchased, parked in his hanger and drove sparingly.

Car includes around $5000 in maintenance records including a transmission rebuild just 3,000 miles ago. This classic old Mercedes starts; runs and drives beautifully. The lights and gauges all work with exception of the clock. The heater controls do not work. The interior is original and immaculate. The car smells nice and the seating is very comfortable. The suspension feels tight and the braking is excellent.

There are no signs of accidents, filler or rust anywhere. It has a few chips and minor dings as expected at it's age. It appears that the left rear quarter may have been repainted at some point yet there is no sign of body damage.

This is a beautiful old Benz that deserves a caring owner to preserve and enjoy it for the next 40 years. Call Donn Dabney with questions. Worldwide shipping quotes available.

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VIN# 108.016-12-049389

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1970 Mercedes-Benz for Sale
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