1970 Lotus Europa S2 Autocross Car

Cross-flow w/Twin 40 DCOEs and 4-speed

This Lotus Europa Has Sold
1970 Lotus Europa S2 for Sale

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Nice and tight little 1970 Lotus Europa S2 for sale with a great Autocross setup. Owned by Lotus enthusiast and in nice shape all around.

Starts; runs and drives great with plenty of power, no smoke and smooth idling. 1565 cc Renault engine with cross-flow head, aluminum Lotus valve cover, newer battery, newer stainless steel exhaust pipe with Super Trap, nicely detailed engine compartment, engine in excellent health and state of tune. Tight and responsive four wheel independent suspension, front disc brakes, rear drum and new pads & shoes. Also has recently replaced flex line to calipers, and fluid and Spax adjustable shocks. Rides on Pirelli P44 175/70/13, spare wheel included. Excellent, effective carburetion via the 40mm twin Webbers with K&N Filters. Drivability is terrific, rides very well with no shakes or rattles, very stable, steering very responsive, good general feel, appropriate exhaust note yet not too loud.

The interior has been redone in cloth, is very comfortable for long drives and nicely insulated as well and includes lap seat belts. The dashboard has been restored and it has a very nice wood and aluminum MotoLita steering wheel with Lotus horn button, matching wooden shift knob, clean console and nice, tidy, functional instrumentation. Electric windows switches work well. Windshield wiper switch needs replacing.

Nice, presentable exterior with clean fiberglass body (no history of accidents, no visual signs of repair), double red & gold vinyl striping down the middle 13" wide, paint pearl white. The car was originally Bahama Yellow with no signs of original yellow color, age of paint unknown, but quality good with only minor hairline cracks in paint, typical of fiberglass bodies. It has a nice luster and shine.

Great little Lotus ready to get in and enjoy right now! Clear, California title in hand. Call or text with zip code for a shipping quote or any other questions. Available for inspection.

Thank you for visiting!

Vin Number: 65/2185
Date Invoiced: 9/18/1969
Engine #: 821-30/0581
Transmission #: 336-?/? 4 Speed
Original color: L10 - Bahama Yellow

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1970 Lotus Europa S2 for Sale
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