1970 Mustang Boss 351 Clone

The Boss Ford Should Have Built!

This Classic 1970 Boss Mustang has SOLD
1970 Ford Boss 429 Tribute for Sale in Sonoma California

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1970 Ford Mustang Boss 351 Concept Car for Sale from Left Coast Classics in Sonoma California. This is the Boss that Ford SHOULD HAVE BUILT! Just imagine having the power of the 1971 Boss 351, the looks of the 1970 Boss 429 & handling of the Boss 302. No need to imagine, this restored Grabber Orange Boss concept has it all!

The car was purchased brand new in Orange, California and has remained a Southern California car all of it's life and it shows. It began with a straight, solid and original rust-free car and it's dedicated Boss fanatic owner just over 20 years ago. After owning several of the real thing, he had developed a taste for what he loved best about each of the prior Boss cars he had owned. This car encompasses his vision of the absolute perfect Boss Mustang!

It was stripped, blocked and shot with DuPont Imron polyurethane Grabber Orange. Car rides on factory Magnum 15 X 7 wheels with correct hub caps, lug nuts, locks and correct period looking Goodyear Eagle tires. In addition, most of the parts are NOS and/or restored originals.

On par with the rest of the car, the cockpit has been treated to a factory correct 1970 Boss deluxe interior, of which many parts are NOS (new old stock) including this pristine dash pad. As an added bonus, there is a completely restored fold down rear seat (not offered on the original Boss). The car is extremely well insulated making it especially comfortable on long drives.

Under the hood you'll find the professionally built 351 Cleveland bored .030 over with 9:7:1 compression. It is balanced and blueprinted with forged pistons and has solid lifters. The car has only logged a little under 2,000 miles since it's completion several years ago. Not only is this a stunning, well built machine, it's turn-key and always ready to go anywhere.

This car was built, sorted, maintained and enjoyed over the last 23 years by it's fastidious, caring owner creating a rare opportunity to own an extremely thoughtfully built, beautifully crafted Boss concept car with all of the right touches. This is the best of all three Boss cars wrapped up in one!

So as the Boss Mustang continues to increase in value, so do the recreation cars. Comes with a clear, California title and plenty of documentation tracing it's history back to the beginning of it's easy Southern California life including the original window sticker. We are happy to facilitate an inspection and can get very competitive shipping rates to almost anywhere in the world. As always, numerous additional photographs as well as video are here to help you make an educated decision. For a detailed specification sheet or any other questions, please direct your inquiries to Left Coast Classics owner, Donn Dabney.

Thank you for visiting!

VIN# 0R02H155167

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1970 Ford Boss 429 Tribute for Sale
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