1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible

440ci, Rallye Gauges, Rebuilt Engine

This Cool Challenger has SOLD
1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible for Sale

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Cool 1970 Challenger Convertible for sale in Sonoma California. Purchased by current owner in Cuervo, Texas in 2002 showing 57k miles, driven about 600 miles per year average over the last dozen years. They have spent about $25k over the last dozen years in upgrades and caring for the car. This particular Challenger was born as a 318ci car in Dodge Main, Hamtramck, MI. The 440ci along with the Rallye Gauge Package were added later on.

The body is straight and clean wearing an older repaint with a nice shine to it. The wheels, tires and trim are nice and the power top works as it should and has no rips or tears. The floors were re-done by the previous owner as well as the paint.

The car starts; runs and drives great. In the last 6-7,000 miles the 440ci engine was rebuilt as well as the front and rear suspension. The car handles beautifully, runs nice and cool and is very comfortable and easy to drive. The transmission shifts perfectly as well. The cooling system was upgraded, a fan added and electronic ignition installed. The exhaust sounds great and the car is reliable as ever and a blast to drive. In 2009 the odometer failed and a rebuilt unit set to zero was installed at just under 62k miles.

The interior was originally red from the factory but was redone in white. At that time a rebuilt factory Rallye Gauge package was installed along with a rebuilt Rallye clock. The dash pad is in nearly perfect condition. The interior is beautiful and comfortable with the white seating keeping it cooler on those hot summer days.

Comes with a clear, California title and a lot of documentation! Thank you for looking!

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VIN# JH27G0B140037

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1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible for Sale
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