1970 Chevrolet El Camino Super Sport SS 396

California Truck with Cowl Induction, Automatic, Factory Air

1970 Chevy el Camino SS 396 for Sale

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1970 Chevrolet El Camino Super Sport 396 for sale in Sonoma California. Finished in Classic White with black stripes and a stock black interior and equipped with the Super Sport package, trim & stripes, 396 CI motor, automatic transmission, power steering & power brakes and working Cowl Induction along with factory air conditioning (not working), bucket seats and an after-market stereo. All gauges and systems functioning, odometer showing 52k miles though not known if original or likely given it's age. Older frame-up restoration from the 1990's, looks nice yet showing some signs wear and age. Body is straight and rust free with solid rockers and quarters and no apparent signs of previous damage. It has a nice rhino lined bed with heavy mat.

Starts; runs and drives well with plenty of power, a nice sounding exhaust and excellent shifting. Suspension feels good but tires are aged and should be replaced. The interior is comfortable. The seats and door panels were redone a few years ago but the carpet could stand to be freshened up and the dash-pad which currently has a cap on it. Nice headliner and spare area.

We cannot find a build sheet (checked the top of the tank as well as the insides of the seats); there is no Protect-O-Plate and the engine numbers do not match (see photos). Therefore I cannot confirm if this is real or a clone. However, it is a nice old, California truck and with a few small, inexpensive trim items addressed could easily be taken to the next level.

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VIN# 136800L177005

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1970 Chevy el Camino SS 396 for Sale
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