1970 Buick GS 455 w/Stage 1 Upgrades

Fully Restored, Sloan Documented

This Cool GS Buick has SOLD
1970 Buick GS 455 for Sale

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Stunning 1970 Buick GS 455 for sale in Sonoma California. Fully restored and Sloan documented. Beautifully finished in Diplomat Blue with Pearl White interior and white vinyl top. Full, professional restoration completed in 2009. Car is loaded with all of the best that Buick had to offer plus the GS455 engine and Stage 1 trim package.

The serial# is 44637-0H-107846, engine number 0H107846; transmission number 40H107846 and rearend stamped 1385724.

Sloan Museum documented and decoded from original GM archives list 20 factory installed options including air conditioning (ice cold), bucket seats, Turbo Hydromatic 400 transmission, center console with storage, power steering, brakes, windows and power driver's seat and even the rare speed waring indicator. Engine has been rebuilt, balanced and blue-printed including the Stage 1 cam, exhaust system, borings, etc and exceeds the factory Stage One's 510 pounds of torque. Drive train, manifold, exhaust and 3:42 positraction also rebuilt. Era correct reproduction wide oval lettered G70x14 tires running on correct 14" chrome plated rims. Rallye clock option replaced with era-correct tachometer. Sonomatic AM radio in dash with a remote controlled after-market stereo discretely installed beneath passenger seat using original rear speaker replacement. Mileage believed to be 134k. Car is professionally restored and immaculate throughout. Body is tight with no rattles or squeaks. Starts on first turn of the key and runs beautifully. Click here to see the Sloan Museum documentation and be sure to check out the huge amount of photos and video.

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VIN# 446370H107846

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1970 Stage1 Buick for Sale
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