1969 Jaguar E-Type XKE FHC

One-Family Owned, Rust-Free California Car

This Classic Jaguar has SOLD
1969 Jaguar XKE for Sale

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1969 Jaguar e-Type XKE FHC for sale from Left Coast Classics. One-family owned Jaguar, purchased new at Peter Satori Jaguar in Pasadena finished in Regency Red with a Biscuit interior. This numbers matching Jaguar has lived in Southern California most of it's life and was stored for many years on and off. In 2006 the original owner's son took the car out of storage to a local Jaguar specialist and had some services performed to get it back on the road. Not too much later it was again put back into storage.

The car starts, runs and drives fine on the several occasions that I have used it around town. The engine seems healthy and the car starts right up and runs well. The shifting is smooth and the suspension feels good. It has newer brake reservoirs and the braking seems fine. It will need a few things fixed such as horn and clock are inoperable along with the radio, blinkers and wipers. I have not cleaned the fuse box but will try to get to that over the coming days.

This would be a good candidate for a partial restoration as most of it's deterioration is cosmetic. The interior could use carpet, headliner, front seat covers, a mirror and new dash cap. Aside from it's obvious need for paint, the exterior should be fairly straight-forward with some very minor bodywork, new rubber, window surround trim and a few odds and ends. In 2004 the drivers' side pillar was hit causing $580.00 in damage. It was properly repaired, is straight and the bonnet and door close and latch as intended. Includes the original spare tire and tool/jack kit along with the headrests.

Car currently shows 62,551 miles showing. The odometer/speedometer are currently inoperable.

  • Car No P1R42797BW
  • Body No 4R38331
  • Engine No 7R38278-9
  • Trans No 38811
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1969 Jaguar XKE for Sale
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