1969 Corvette Convertible 427/4-Speed

# Matching Big Block, Posi Traction, Side Pipes,
41K Original Miles

This Cool Classic Corvette has SOLD
1969 Chevrolet Corvette for Sale

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Beautiful 1969 Corvette Convertible Big Block 427 for sale with purportedly 41,696 original miles. Purchased by most current owner a little over a decade ago and driven just over 1,000 miles since. Beautiful Riverside Gold over black, this special side-pipe car was built in October of 1968. Starts; runs and drives beautifully with plenty of power from the 390hp 427 big block, and has nice, tight shifting via the numbers matching M21 close ratio 4-speed manual. Everything in good to excellent working order including the fiber-optic rear lighting indicators, clock, heater, radio, gauges, headlamp doors, etc. Equipped from factory with great options, see list below.



  • A82 Headrests
  • G81 Positraction Rear Axle
  • U69 AM-FM Radio
  • A01 Soft Ray Glass
  • N40 Power Steering
  • M21 4-Speed Manual Close Ratio
  • UA6 Alarm System
  • TJ2 Front Fender Louver Trim
  • L36 427ci 390hp Engine
  • N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column
  • N14 Side Mount Exhaust System
  • U15 Speed Warning Indicator

The interior is extremely clean and well preserved. I suspect that the front seats may have been freshened up at some point but cannot be sure. The body is extremely clean and the bonding strips look good. It appears to have had one repaint but it is very hard to tell which leads me to believe that if this is the case, it was heavily disassembled during the process. There is a paint chip in the nose under the emblem and a few small anomalies here and there but they are insignificant. It appears that the front right fender was resprayed at some point because you can faintly tell upon close inspection where the Riverside Gold was feathered in near the headlamp area. For some reason it is more obvious in the photos than in person as I did not notice until I began to review the photos on my screen during the photo session. I assume it must have been something minor as I cannot find any sign of repair. (Lots of detailed photos in the slide-show area, please take a look).

At some point the valve covers and air filter housing were changed, we believe that a previous owner installed roller rockers and replaced the cam and lifters. The originals are shown and included should you wish to return to stock.

As with any Corvette of this age, it is hard to know if the mileage is actual without a trail of documentation leading back to it's beginnings. However it has several tell-tale signs that lead me to believe that this is a realistic scenario. In the slide-show area following the first 57 photos there are an additional 255 photographs where you can really go through the car in great detail including date codes, casting numbers, wheel well shots, undercarriage and more. Please review thoroughly. I have high resolution photos of everything so if you see a photo and want a larger version, note the file name and send a request. Car comes with a clear, California title and ships from Sonoma, California.

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VIN# 194679S703336

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1969 Chevrolet Corvette for Sale
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