1968 Lincoln Continental Sedan

2-Owner California Car, Ice Cold Air Conditioning

This Cool Continental has SOLD
Suicide Door 1968 Lincoln Continental for Sale

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1968 Lincoln Continental Sedan for sale in Sonoma California. This old Suicide Door Continental is a pleasure to drive. It starts, runs and drives great with nice suspension, newer tires, excellent brakes and a quiet exhaust system. The car is highly functional with ice cold air, working gauges, power antenna, clock, map light, trunk release, etc. All windows in working order with exception of the left rear window which is not getting power from either switch. The gentleman who owns the car loves his classical music so the stock radio has been by-passed and a great sounding aftermarket stereo was been installed. Additional gauges are installed below the stereo, amps, temperature and oil pressure so you can keep an eye on things. The car has great oil pressure and runs nice and cool.

This pretty, old California car falls into the survivor category. With one respray of it's original Colonial white paint and still mounted are the original issue black and gold California license plates. This sedan has been well taken care of as evidenced by it's original door panels which are in exceptional condition along with it's original, factory leather seating and headliner. All and all this Continental is in excellent condition and is so opulent and comfortable. The body and floors are solid as well with just a hint of typical surface rust near where the vinyl top meets the deck-lid.

This nice, old Lincoln has had the same owner for around 20 years now and he has cared for his vintage Continental, keeping it tuned and ready to enjoy at the drop of a hat. Be sure to check out all of the great photos and videos and call me anytime.

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VIN# 8Y82G804406

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1968 Lincoln Continental for Sale
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