1967 Lotus Europa S1A

1 of 644 S1's made, Clip in Windows, ex-Phil Jones Car

This Cool Lotus S1A has SOLD
1967 Lotus Europa Series 1 for Sale

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Well preserved and rare 1967 Lotus Europa Magnificent S1A for sale. The purest and the lightest of the Europa's weighing in at just 1350 Lbs. The S1 has the cleanest lines with no turn signal warts on the front of the car, no door handles, a single wiper, simplified dash and lower stance than later models. Most importantly, S1 Europas conform to the original design mission in utilizing a bonded-in backbone chassis.

Car number 46/0450 was invoiced on 1/1/1968 with engine number 697-04/0498 which it still has 47 years later. It was originally L01 British Racing Green but was resprayed many years ago in its current orange with the lacey center band. There is no rust on the frame or other metal components and chrome and trim are presentable. the interior looks to be mostly original, well preserved and good overall condition. All electrical systems are in working order. The cooling system is effective and the thermostated radiator works well.

The car starts; runs and drives well. Though we do not know what work has been done, it runs clean and with plenty of power. According to Lotus Europa Central, this was a Phil Jones car which might explain the extra power. A Weber down-draft carburetor with a K&N air filter has replaced the notoriously problematic Solex and stock air cleaner. Has Spax rear adjustable shocks and Panasports. Shifting, brakes and suspension are all tight. As with Europas, it displays unique, racing-car handling, with an extremely low center of gravity and polar moment.

We have current history tracing back to 2004 with four known owners in Washington State, Idaho and now California and at some point in the past as indicated by Lotus Europa Central, Phil Jones.

This well preserved and patina'd, early and numbers matching S1a is available for inspection by appointment only.

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VIN# 46/0450

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1967 Lotus S1A for Sale
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