1967 Convertible Lincoln Continental

Rare Home Office Reserve DSO-84 - Highly Optioned, 81K Mile California Car

This Lincoln Convertible has SOLD
1967 Lincoln Continental for Sale

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"The best of the Continentals" according to John Cashman who just completed his signature 10-point service on this rare 1967 Lincoln Continental Convertible with the rare Home Office Reserve DSO 84 option. This fully optioned Continental has a pampered 47 years in Los Angeles living indoors. Never exposed to the elements and cared for as needed. After much contemplation this special family heirloom is now available for sale.

Not just anyone could order a DSO84 Special Reserve car. 47 years ago this car was purchased through a colleague of the father of the current owner just two months after taking delivery. This loaded, classic suicide door Continental has just 81k original miles and it's vintage era blue and gold California license plates. It was stored the last several years and recently brought out and serviced by our classic Ford/Lincoln expert followed by a visit from John Cashman who just completed his signature 10-Point Service including top, rear window relays, top relays, various switches, lighters, door pod adjustments and more making this highly functional Lincoln ready to enjoy.

The straight and solid exterior was repainted several years ago it's original Platinum, and in a sea of black and white cars it's nice to see this less common color. The chrome and trim has fared well having been indoors since new. The newer top is in excellent shape with no tears and a clear rear window.

The car has nice glass as well. As you will see in the next 260 photos, the floors and infrastructure are rust-free and rock solid.

The interior is also in very nice condition. The front seating is soft and supple. The carpets have been replaced. The car has nice, original door panels with tight pods. The dash is clean as well with no warping and just a small blemish. The trunk has a newer, proper carpet/panel kit replete with the original jack and spare. The underside of the deck-lid is rust free which is fairly uncommon.

The engine compartment is tidy and neat. The car starts right up and runs smooth and quietly. The car tracks straight, brakes and handles well. Everything on the car is functioning properly on the car with two exceptions, the A/C is not blowing cold and the clock is not operating. Otherwise, the car is highly functional including windows, rear drop-down window function, lighters, lighting, etc.

This is the last of the 4-door convertibles to roll out of Wickham, 1 of 2,276 built. Car is highly optioned with Climate Control, Bucket Seats, Power Wind-wings, 8-Track Stereo and Tilt Steering. John Cashman's words "..this is a very fine example of the iconic Lincoln Continental".

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VIN# 7Y86G807944

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