1967 Kaiser Jeepster

V6 Engine and Optional TH400 Automatic - 96,268 Miles

This Nice Classic Jeepster has SOLD
1967 Kaiser Jeepster for Sale

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Left Coast Classics offers this enormously fun 1967 Kaiser Jeepster Convertible for sale. This Jeepster looks great in classic green and white and sports the Dauntless V6 engine and optional TH400 automatic transmission. Of the four styles offered from Kaiser/Jeep (roadster, pickup, station wagon and convertible) the convertible is one of the rarest of the Jeepsters. The Jeepster Convertible was a separate model and NOT part of the Commando line. The Jeepster Convertible was at the top end of the Jeep line and became an instant hit, certainly the most fun and collectable of the bunch. This beautiful Jeep has had thousands invested in her throughout the years in mechanical and cosmetic upgrades and drives like new!

This 1967 Jeepster convertible is designed to be fun, on or off the road, or on the beach. Its full floating Dana 27 front and 44 rear axles makes any kind of offroad travel easy and exciting. The Jeepster convertible continues to be more and more collectible among Jeep enthusiasts as seen by the sale at Barrett-Jacksons in 2009 of a fully restored 1967 Jeepster Convertible for $88K.

This rare convertible Jeepster has been with the same California family for the past 25 years and is very well cared for. It is fitted with an automatic 3 speed transmission making it a real pleasure to drive. She has been treated to a custom interior by Pendleton, and continues to be a great reliable driver.

If you are looking for a car for weekend cruising, a lake/beach house, or just for fun around town this '67 Jeepster is the one. Looks great, runs great - perfect top down experience!

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VIN# 870101611350

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