1967 Ford Mustang Coupe

289 w/5-Speed Trimec, A/C FAST

This Classic Mustang has SOLD
1967 Ford Mustang for Sale

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Fast and tight 1967 Ford Mustang for sale. Loaded with cool options and set up for relaxed yet high performance driving, this Mustang is one of the best driving I've had.

This spirited Mustang starts; runs and drives excellent! It features a rebuilt V8 289 engine, T5 TREMEC 5-Speed transmission with a new high performance clutch for easy, quick shifting and power steering. The new sway bar makes handling even better and there's a great sounding exhaust via Dual Flowmasters. The handling is nimble and tight with American Racing style rims wrapped in a new set of 225/50 R17's and probably the original 2.79:1 rear-end that would have been in the car when it was delivered new with the 289 and manual transmission from the factory, perfect gearing for street or highway.

The interior appears to be mostly original and looks nice including the seating, dash, door panels and headliner. The rugs also appear original and are discolored in areas but still intact and good. A custom center console was added with armrest, console and two drink holders. The Alpine stereo is "large and in charge" with plenty of power and speakers to crank your tunes and fill the cockpit. Very comfortable to be in and all of the interior accessories including the gauges, Super Tach II, factory fog-lamp switch under dash, wipers, lighting and ice cold air conditioning are in good, working order. The trunk is solid and complete with spare, jack and case and tire cover.

The body and paint are decent with a few flaws. Not a high budget paint job but a thorough repaint some time ago. The California Special style tail lamp assembly gives it a unique look as do the working in-grill fog-lamps. Showing 42,400 miles, if actual unknown.

Super cool Mustang that looks nice and really performs like a champ. Give me a call if you have more questions and be sure to check out the additional photos in the slideshow area as well as the video.

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VIN# 7R01C184301

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1967 Ford Mustang for Sale
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