1967 Camaro Rally Sport/Super Sport

Real RS/SS L48, 4-Speed Muncie - Freshly Restored

This Cool Classic Camaro has Sold
1967 Camaro RS SS for Sale

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Van Nuys Built Rally Sport/ Super Sport Factory Assembled true muscle car that is well preserved. This special order Camaro has just been completely restored from the ground up with every detail attended to professionally. Born with special built 350/295 L48 that was only produced for Super Sports in 1967 along with a date-correct Muncie M21 Four Speed with the factory applied Hurst Shifter with the special order 11" clutch and heavy duty steel bell housing.

During restoration to help with the massive torque requirements a 9" differential with traction lock was installed so there is no gear chatter at high rpm's. Power Disc brakes supplied by the factory along with new brake lines, booster and master cylinder making this factory fresh with awesome stopping power. Factory Power Steering with fresh quick ratio box, pump and lines provide for a great turning radius.

Deluxe Interior maintains much of its original material with new carpet, new seat foam so there are no defects as it has always been cared for. All options and accessories are operational including the hide away headlights, gauge package, clock, radio and tachometer.

The deep Marina Blue paint is smooth and shiny and compliments the Z28 stripes. All panels, floors are original to the car which is not hard to believe on a Van Nuys built car that remained in California it's entire life. During the restoration, special attention was given to the undercarriage and front and rear suspension systems including new shocks with Air Shocks allowing for rear passengers without the typical tire rub. A special body Shultz coating was applied to help in sound reduction and to reduce heat transfer as well.

A new fuel system has been installed with all lines along with a powder coated fuel tank so the entire underside is maintenance free. New Silvertown Redline Tires installed on original Rally Wheels.

This real RS/SS Four Speed Car is the real deal.

Cowl Tag:

  • 1 = Chevrolet
  • 2 = Camaro
  • 4 = 8-cylinder engine
  • 37 = coupe body
  • 7 = 1967 model year
  • L = Los Angeles, CA assembly plant (Van Nuys)
  • 137742 = vehicle serial number sequence

Decode for body number: 015247

  • 01D = Built the Fourth week of January
  • 67-12637 = Custom Interior Coupe
  • LOS = Built in Van Nuys California
  • 707 = Custom Yellow Bucket Seats
  • Z = (A50) Strato Bucket Seats (without headrests)
  • Y-Y = Car Color is Butternut Yellow
  • S685 = internal plant scheduling code


  • 2L = (M20) 4-speed floor shifter
  • 2G = (D55) Console front compartment
  • 3L = (Z22) Rally Sport Package
  • 4P = (L48) SS 350 or (L30) 327-275H

Excellent opportunity to invest in a real, factory built RS/SS.

Thank you for visiting!

VIN# 124377L137742

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1967 Camaro RS SS for Sale
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