1966 Ford Mustang Convertible

289 w/5-Speed Manual, Rally Pac

This Classic Mustang has SOLD
1966 Ford Mustang Convertible for Sale

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Cool 1966 Ford Mustang Convertible for sale. California car, same owner for over 30 years. Nicely optioned with Pony Interior, Rally Wheels, Rally Pac Gauges and later model Mustang 5-Speed Manual Transmission. This Mustang would be an excellent candidate for a GT clone.

Driver-quality Mustang performs great with an excellent running 289ci motor. Originally equipped from the factory with a 2-Speed Manual but now upgraded to a Ford Mustang 5-Speed. Shifting is excellent. Suspension feels nice with newer adjustable gas shocks and the braking works well with the front disc brakes. A new starter was just installed. The gearing is 2.80.1 for easy highway cruising.

The interior was redone a few years ago with new carpet and Pony seating. The dash is clean with no cracks. All gauges including the Rally Pac are in working order. A modern stereo head is installed under-dash. The manual top seals up well though the rear window glass has a gap in the center.

The rear quarters appear to be un-hit. (See inner-truck photos). The front left fender was replaced early in its life but is straight and fits well. The body is in reasonably good shape and could be used as-is though there is a trace amount of rust in the lower forward corner of the front doors as well as in the small, rectangular area of the floors under the front passenger area. These are inexpensive panels and should be replaced if at some point you are planning a restoration.

Excellent car that is ready to be enjoyed now. Well equipped and performs great. Call Donn if you'd like to discuss.

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VIN# 6T08C200302

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1966 Ford Mustang Convertible for Sale
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