1966 Ford Mustang Coupe

289/C4 - Restored, 2-Owner California Car

This cool classic Mustang has SOLD
1966 Ford Mustang Coupe for Sale

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Very tidy and immaculate 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe for sale. This California car was built November 17th, 1965 at the San Jose plant and purchased slightly used in the late 1960's by it's most current owners here in Sonoma. It's equipped with the original 289 V8 and C4 Cruise-O-Matic Automatic transmission and has been driven just 6,535 miles since it's restoration was completed.

The family enjoyed the car until putting it into storage for many years. Around ten years ago the car was brought out of storage by one of the sons and professionally restored to its original condition as a surprise for their father. As you can imagine, his reaction was emotional as he had always loved his Mustang and never imagined that he might enjoy it again. He drove the Mustang for pleasure in his final years until his recent passing. The family contacted me to find the perfect new owner who would carry the legacy forward on their very special and sentimental car.

Nearly $14,000 was spent on the exterior restoration and it certainly shows. The body was stripped to metal, primed and painted in the correct, original Candy Apple Red. The body is smooth and clean with excellent alignments and fitment. Most of the trim was refinished at that time along with new seals. The car was disassembled for paint so there are no tape or cut marks and the paint was carried into all of the jambs and under-side of the doors. The rockers are excellent with no sign of prior damage or problems. It was beautifully done and has held up very nicely. The chromed factory style rally wheels are wrapped in classic Redline radials and set it off nicely. Be sure to see the video which includes a walk around under the car as well as around the lower portion of the body. It is super straight and clean.

The interior is just as clean, re-finished in its factory designated Red Crinkle Vinyl and Red Rosette Vinyl with new rugs, headliner, panels and dash. The car is quiet and comfortable with every accessory in proper, working order. The side glass and window roller mechanisms have been rebuilt as well. It is very comfortable for even the longest drives. A Retrosound Radio has been added so you can listen to music on your personal device.

The factory 289 V8 was rebuilt along with the transmission and all of the ancillaries were replaced or serviced at that time. It starts; runs and drives well with plenty of smooth power, responsive shifting, nice suspension, brakes, power steering and a great sounding dual exhaust system. It's an easy and pleasurable car to drive.

While many of these early Mustangs were restored, few have spent most of their lives in California with the same family and survived as well as this one. It even has both the original California issued black and gold license plates from new. This is a fantastic opportunity to have such a clean, sorted, beautiful and unmolested Pony you can be proud to own and enjoy for years to come.

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VIN# 6R07C133046

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1966 Ford Mustang Coupe for Sale
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