1964 Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible

4-Speed, 302ci, Supercharger, Stunning Restoration, California Car

This Classic Falcon has SOLD
1964 Ford Falcon Sprint for Sale

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Beautiful 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint Convertible for sale. Born as a Wimbledon White Sprint, this Falcon has experienced a several year long, high-end, nut-bolt restoration. This is the nicest I've seen in my career. Previously owned by Shelby employee Alan Dowd. Purchased by most current (and 2nd owner) in the 1980's here in California.

The car is stunning from every angle. The paint is like glass and the panel alignments are better than ever. The car was stripped to the bone for paint and meticulously prepped. The chrome refinished, new rubber, excellent glass and stainless. All either replaced or restored. The Cragar Supersports add a bit of period flare. The car still sports it's original, California issue black and gold license plates.

The interior has been completely restored in all period materials. The top, boot cover, seating, panels and carpet are immaculate along with the dash as well as the wood grain steering wheel and horn-ring. The paint and detail work within the door jambs was beautifully executed and still look factory fresh. All gauges and switches are in working order including the power top. Still has the original tach, radio, dash panel and console. The trunk is clean and finished complete with factory mat and tire cover.

The car starts; runs and drives beautifully well. This well thought-out Sprint has a rebuilt 302ci with 9.5:1 compression coupled to it's factory Borg Warner 4-Speed T10 Transmission behind a Blow-Proof Bell Housing. The 9" rear-end has a 3.50:1 gear ratio helping the car perform fantastic on the streets while relaxed at highway speeds. It has been supercharged and has a B&M Air Induction with a 4BBL 650 Holly Carburetor. Also has a MSD Electronic Ignition w/Built in Rev Limiter; a custom, aluminum fuel tank and dual exhaust via a set of turbo mufflers keeps the decibels lower while sounding gritty and fast. Factory power steering as well as power brakes with stock drums in the rear and 11" discs up front. Suspension was all replaced at time of restoration including use of polyurethane bushings in the rear. Has performance shocks and a sway bar. Set up with a electric fan to keep it cool on the hottest of days.

Identification Info:
VIN: 4H14F117801
ENGINE: 84525710
TRANS: #5H270147141

Decodes As:

  • Body: 76D
  • Color M
  • Trim 86
  • Date 21K
  • DSO 71
  • Model Series = Convertible
  • Engine = 260 Cu. In. V-8 (Originally)
  • Body Type = Falcon Sprint Convertible
  • Exterior Color = Wimbledon White
  • Upholstery Color = Black Crush Vinyl
  • Date Born = 21 October 1963
  • Transmission = 4 Speed Manual
  • Axle = 3.25:1
  • DSO = Los Angeles
  • Assembly Plant = Lorain

This is a superb example. A stunning restoration that was well-executed with no cap on the budget. It has been driven very little, stored in it's heated garage and covered. Detailed and maintained by it's long-time, loving owner and now ready to find a new home with someone looking for a rare, high-quality California Sprint.

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1964 Ford Falcon Sprint for Sale
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