1963 Corvette C2 Split Window Coupe

Numbers Matching 327/300HP w/4-Speed

This C2 Corvette has SOLD
1963 Split Window Corvette Sting Ray for Sale

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Beautiful, nicely equipped 1963 Corvette C2 Split Window Coupe for sale. Riverside Red over Black. Older Restoration in excellent condition all around. Nicely equipped with it's numbers matching 327/300HP and correct 4-Speed transmission. Built March 7th of 1963 in St. Louis. This clean split window has Sintered Metallic brakes (option J65 in only in 5310 cars); Posi Traction (G81), Softray Tinted Glass (A02, in 629 cars only); 4-Speed Transmission and Signal Seeking Radio (Works).

Starts; runs and drives great. The numbers matching 327ci, 300hp Engine (L75) was an improvement with 300 horsepower output and included a larger intake and exhaust valves, a bigger four-barrel Carter AFB aluminum carburetor with dual snorkel air cleaner. This engine was rebuilt recently and has under 1K miles on it.

The exterior is beautifully preserved having been fully stripped and repainted in lacquer, the once 912A Silver Blue was changed to 923 Riverside Red and after just over 20 years, still looks, glassy, smooth and shiny. In fact the car was fully restored top to bottom at that time by a Connecticut Chevrolet dealer to use as a display in their showroom. It remained on display until being sold to it's next owner in 1997. It was lightly used and kept up then sold to it's most current California owner in 2007. Since then it has continued to be in great care, properly stored, maintained and kept ready to use at any moment.

VIN: 30837S110293

DECODE: 3(1963)08(Corvette)37(Split Window)S(Assembled in St. Louis, MO)110293(Production Sequence)

ENG: S110293 (# Matching) F0326RD

(Flint, MI; RD = 327-cid 300-hp V-8 with 10.5:1 compression ratio, manual transmission, and four-barrel carburetor)

Block Casting: 3782870 (Correct, 1963)


  • STYLE 63 837 (Base Coupe)
  • 5767 BODY
  • TRIM STD (Black Vinyl)
  • 912A PAINT (Silver Blue)

Excellent investment grade split window coupe that has been collector-owned and cared for. Ships from Paso Robles, California. Available for inspection.

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1963 Split Window Corvette for Sale
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