1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C2 L76 Split Window Coupe

Numbers Matching L76 340HP, 4-Speed, Posi-Traction

This Classic Stingray has SOLD
1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray for Sale

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Numbers matching, tidy and original 1963 C2 Split Window Corvette Sting Ray in Sebring Silver with black vinyl interior with just 75,342 miles. Very desirable options include the L76 340 HP 4BBl motor, posi-traction, AM Wonderbar radio, knock-off wheels, tinted windshield, 4-speed and power steering. One of 10,594 1963 coupes, this beautiful example was originally built in St. Louis on December 21, 1962 and was beautifully restored to original condition a few years back less than 4,000 miles ago. A higher-capacity radiator and cooling fan have been fitted, but the original equipment is included with the car, as are the original manifold and 4bbl Carter carburetor. Extensive, extra photos (see slideshow link) include undercarriage shots wheel wells and intact, original bonding strips (also in video) and component numbers.

Starts; runs and drives nicely with plenty of power. All options and accessories in working order including headlamp doors and wipers. Excellent handling, suspension and brakes. Paint was nicely done and looks bright and brilliant. Interior is comfortable and shows well.

1963 was a watershed year for the Corvette, with the launch of the new stunning coupe design from Larry Shinoda under the direction of Bill Mitchell, with the now infamous (and valuable) split rear window design. As the first year of the performance Corvette, 1963 Stingray split window models continue to appreciate and excellent examples like this are quite desirable. This particular example is a solid #2 car, ready to be driven, enjoyed and shown.

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VIN: 30837S105564
Engine: 3105564 FIII2RE
TRANS: 3105564
STYLE: 63 837
BODY: 2962

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1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray for Sale
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