1963 Buick Riviera

Loaded, Original California Car

This Cool Buick has SOLD
1963 Buick Riviera for Sale

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Nice 1963 Buick Riviera for sale. Highly optioned, original California car that is rust-free and still sports both original issue black and yellow license plates. This wine country Riviera has been nicely preserved and has just 108,465 miles.

The car starts; runs and drives nicely with plenty of smooth power and no smoking or noises. The transmission shifts at the correct shift points with no slippage or issues. The exhaust is quiet and appears to be stock. The steering is smooth and tight and feels great. The car has been owned by a skilled mechanic for many years and as such, kept in very good running and driving condition.

The car is in incredibly well-preserved condition and in good working order. With just a quick look around the interior you'll appreciate the preservation of the beautiful original dashboard and interior Chrome; center console, steering wheel, headliner and seats. Even the carpet is still in pretty nice condition after all these years. The power windows are all in functioning condition although the left rear window occasionally sticks and needs a quick push and the power antenna does not go up and down. The radio works great. The power seat is in operating order; the remote mirror control, horn, lights and wipers all work. The heating system blows hot, the air conditioning system turns on but is not blowing cold. The ashtray looks unused and the glove box is immaculate. The interior is so clean and well preserved on this car with just the perfect amount of patina to exemplify it's originality.

The body is good with no rust though there are some very minor flaws and bruises as should be expected. It's nice and shiny and the chrome, while original is still nice and shiny. The glass looks nice and the windshield is in good shape as well.


  • B1 Front Seat Belts ($19.03)
  • D2 Sonomatic Radio with Electric Antenna ($116.37)
  • E4 Carpet Savers and Handy Mats ($12.93)
  • H1 Electro-Cruise ($64.50)
  • H2 Corner Lights ($30.10)
  • I6 Soft-Ray Tinted Glass ($43.00)
  • I7 Tinted Windshield ($20.43)
  • J2 Power Seat-4-Way Tilt Adjuster ($70.95)
  • L1 Tilt Steering Wheel ($43.00)
  • N2 Air Conditioner ($430.00)
  • O7 Four Note Horn ($27.95)
  • S7 Remote Control Outside Rear View Mirror ($11.88)
  • U7 Power Windows ($107.50)
  • Z4 Automatic Trunk Release ($9.68)
  • ** Custom Trim with Bucket Seats in Leather ($188.13)
  • -- Automatic Trunk Lid Release ($)
  • -- Simulated Wire Wheel Covers with Spinners ($75.35)

7(Riviera)J(1963)1(Flint, MI)096133

4747 2 dr. Sport Coupe
798 Saddle
R Desert Sand

Good opportunity to own a very original and collectible California Riviera. Call Donn.

Thank you for visiting!

VIN# 7J1096133

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1963 Buick Riviera for Sale
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