1962 Rambler American 400 Convertible

43K Miles, California Car Since New

This Classic Rambler 400 has SOLD
1962 Rambler American 400 for Sale

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1962 Rambler American 400 Convertible with purportedly just 43K Miles. California Car Since New. Original Purchase order from 1st owner in San Francisco included from Taraval Rambler, Inc at a cost of just over $3000. Super original with exception of one repaint decades ago in its original factory Briar-cliff Red. Well equipped with Borg Warner Flash-o-Matic 3-Speed transmission, bucket Seats, Heater, power top and Solex glass. (See dealer purchase order below).

Starts; runs and drives beautifully. Highly functional with all working equipment such as gauges, lights, heater, etc. Radio works, heater and vent system and wipers as well. Shifting and suspension along with brakes all in great working order. Click here to see the recent work orders and inspection results.

As they say, "they're only original once". This is about as original as it gets and it's been serviced to the level of making it ready to drive anywhere you want to take it this summer with confidence. All that is left is that the car is about ready for a new convertible top. It seals up decently all around though the zipper area of the rear window has become torn. Luckily, new tops are available and relatively inexpensive.

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VIN: B408103
BODY A009255
MODEL 6207-5
PAINT 30 E044799

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1962 Rambler American for Sale
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