1962 Chevrolet Corvair 700

31k miles, Super Clean, California Car

This Classic Corvair has SOLD
1962 Corvair for Sale

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Great find! Super clean 1962 Corvair with only 31,000 original miles since new! This Autumn Gold over Fawn Corvair was purchased new in the Silicon Valley as a gift for his wife and has spent the bulk of it's life as part of his collection seeing only light use throughout it's pampered life. It has been enjoyed by only two other short-term owners over the last five or so years here in the wine country and now is ready to find a new home that will continue to care for it in the way it has been accustomed.

The interior is extremely nice and original and beautifully intact, from the original cloth seating, nearly perfect factory mats, nice door panels, dash and all working options and accessories. The trunk is immaculate (sorry, forgot to get photos of it but available upon request).

The car starts; runs and drives very nicely. The Quadri-Flex independent suspension feels great and the brakes feel nice and responsive. The 2,375 cc (2.4 L) Flat-6 starts with the turn of the key and idles smoothly and quietly. The shifting is precise with it's optional two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission. The car does not smoke and runs beautifully. New tires have recently been installed. Even the green factory AC Delco air cleaner sticker is still in the engine compartment jamb.

The body is in nice shape and has held up well. There is no rust or rot anywhere on the car and the floors are clean and solid, still sporting the factory coating. There are a few minor abrasions which my paintless ding removal expert thinks should mostly come out if so desired but no signs of filler on the car that I can find. The paint tone on the right side of the car is a little off when you look at the right, rear lower quarter panel compared to the doors. It doesn't look repaired so I am assuming it may have been resprayed due to scratches at some point in time however it doesn't take away from the overall appearance and look of the car. The chrome and trim are also very, very nice. A testament to it's life spent indoors.

This is a great little classic Corvair looking for an appreciative new owner to make sure it's preservation and legacy continues.

Thank you for visiting!

VIN# 207690111352

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1962 Corvair for Sale
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