1961 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

283/4-Speed, California Car

This Nice Corvette Convertible has SOLD
1961 Corvette Convertible for Sale

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1961 Chevrolet Corvette for sale in Sonoma California. Finished in classic Jewel Blue w/White Coves. Same owner since 1986. Starts right up and runs smooth with plenty of power and excellent cooling. Most mechanical systems replaced or rebuilt over the years including front suspension, brakes and coil springs, king pin bushings and tie rod ends. Has new shocks and exhaust system. Recently a new top and frame along with a new interior were fitted as well as all new weather stripping. In addition it has a new front wiring harness, cleaned and sealed gas tank and a rebuilt wiper motor. A new clutch was just installed along with pressure plate, pilot and throw-out bearings and new shifting linkage so it shifts perfectly. Everything functions properly with exception of the clock and blinker switch which is not turning off automatically upon turning. Otherwise, this driver quality classic corvette is highly functional, a joy to drive and reliable enough to get in, turn the key and have a great summer driving it anywhere you want to take it.

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VIN# 10867S103985

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1961 Corvette Convertible for Sale
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