1958 Cadillac DeVille Hardtop

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1958 Cadillac DeVille for Sale

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Beautiful, original 1958 Cadillac DeVille Hardtop for sale. Just 82,000 miles in excellent, original condition. Factory Tahitian Coral Metallic paint over the original Black & Silver Tan. Car purchased by most current owner from Hyman Motors in 2006 as a one-owner vehicle. This beautiful, well preserved Cadillac looks amazing after 55 years with straight, completely rust free panels and no signs of paint or body work. The floors are rock solid as well. The original interior looks amazing as well with a light, consistent patina throughout.

Equipped with the desirable factory option package that included a Mark 4 Air Conditioning system, Six-Way Power Seats, and Automatic headlamp beam control. The Air blows ice cold and the options are all in working order. Included you will find the original tag hanging from the air conditioning unit, the warranty letter and instruction booklet from the manufacturer, The clock does not operate but do take note of the original factory instruction sticker still on the face. Cadillac Owner's manual and misc books and documents are included as well.

The car starts, runs and drives beautifully with plenty of smooth factory power being delivered through the Eight-Cylinder 365 Cadillac engine, its Rochester Quadrajet four-barrel Carburetor and three speed Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission. The newer dual exhaust is nice and quiet. The power brakes and steering work fantastic and the suspension and handling are excellent. Be sure to see the virtual test-drive videos to see for yourself.

I have seen many Cadillacs of this era throughout my career but never have I had one that has been so incredibly preserved while being kept drive-ready. And it truly is a pleasure to drive! It's one of those rare survivors that really is a window into the past. Where you can actually see what it looked like new.

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VIN# 58LO48799

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1958 Cadillac DeVille for Sale
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