1957 Ford Thunderbird

California Car, Raven Black/White

This Black Ford Thunderbird has SOLD
1957 Ford Thunderbird for Sale

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Nice old 1957 Thunderbird for sale in Sonoma California. Well preserved, unmolested Raven Black over white with just one older repaint in it's original color. Starts; runs and drives nicely with no smoke and plenty of oil pressure. Has excellent tires and power brakes to make stopping effortless. Includes factory hardtop wearing it's original, still shiny paint. (No soft top option though if a soft top is desired, they are available on eBay regularly). The original radio has been bypassed and there is a nice sounding modern stereo conveniently tucked away in the glove-box with two small removable speaker boxes behind the seat. With exception of the clock, all gauges and switches work as intended.

If you're looking for an original, simple and unmolested vintage T-Bird that you can jump in and have fun without breaking the bank, this car is a viable option. It even includes all of the California plates the car has worn since new which could possibly be reassigned to the car if staying in California. (Photos taken with it's classic yellow plates because they look so period-correct on the car). Also included are the spare and jack as well as a work manual. The car had a brief stint in the Midwest but returned home to it's original state of California several years ago.

Please feel free to call me with questions or to arrange an inspection. Located in the Sonoma, California wine country. Shipping quotes available. Thanks for looking.

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(ID#) D7FH394694

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1957 Ford Thunderbird for Sale
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