1957 Porsche 356 Speedster by Beck

3,000 Original Miles, 1-Owner California Car, Built in 2005

This Fantastic Porsche 356 has SOLD
1957 Porsche Speedster for Sale

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Beautiful, one-owner high quality 1957 Porsche Speedster Replica built by Beck in late 2005 with just 3K original miles. Gently driven and properly cared for, this immaculate Speedster is one of, if not the nicest we've seen here at Left Coast Classics. Starts; runs and drives beautifully with plenty of power coming from the low mileage engine with dual Weber carburetors, front disc brakes and excellent suspension. The fit and finish on the car is outstanding. From the beautiful and smooth deep yellow paint, nicely fitted doors, deck and trunk, even the pull releases work with precision.

The chrome and trim are all immaculate as well. The canvas top, tonneau and boot cover fit perfectly with all of the snaps and fasteners accurately placed on both car and canvas making top, tonneau and boot use effortless. The carpets are well fitted throughout the interior and trunk and look magnificent. The seats are nicely padded and finished in leather. All accessories are in perfect working order. The car is titled as a 1957 Beck and is located here in Sonoma. If you're looking for a high quality, tastefully built Speedster, this is it!

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VIN# 356000058

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1957 Porsche Speedster for Sale
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